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About Home Sick Apparel

Home is where the heart is. For everyone else, there's Home Sick Apparel.

Home Sick Apparel was started by a passionate New Zealander (otherwise known as a Kiwi) who took up residence just outside of Toronto, Canada.

While Canada and New Zealand share a special bond as countries, they are still polar opposites on the globe - and uprooting in the middle of a killer summer Down Under to hit -20 degrees in Ontario was quite the culture shock.

Out of a desire and passion for high quality Tees at affordable prices, and a way to extinguish home-sickness while showing off his roots, Home Sick Apparel was born to help people living away from home, all over the globe.


"Diversity is our strength."

For people stepping out of their comfort zone to explore opportunity, adventure, a different way of life, or a better way of living for their family, this is for you. Moving to a new country is something unique, brave and courageous. And even if you pack your bags in after a couple of years and say; "screw it, I'm heading home." you'll never forget your time living, travelling or exploring overseas.

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